Reclamation Mix, Hertfordshire

St. Mary Magdalene Church, a Grade I listed building in Barkway, boasts an exceptionally long history, with parts dating back to the 11th century, making it one of the oldest structures in Hertfordshire. Recognising the need for sensitive conservation and preservation efforts, Lifetiles assisted this cherished historical landmark in embarking on a restoration journey to uphold its architectural legacy. Matching the existing roof tiles was crucial for preserving the architectural integrity of the church and obtaining planning permission to ensure it not only looked right but also met the planning criteria.

Renowned for their high-quality handmade roof tile solutions, Lifetiles collaborated closely with the church to ensure the preservation of its heritage. St. Mary Magdalene Church required restoration to address weathering and wear on its roof tiles, with preserving the church’s original character being crucial. Lifetiles understood the importance of using compatible materials and traditional techniques to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the church’s roof. Therefore, Lifetiles sampled the previous tiles and introduced their Reclamation Mix hand-made clay tiles, which offer the texture and shade variation of reclaimed tiles while meeting stringent European Standards for quality. Unlike reclaimed tiles the Reclamation Mix offers consistency in quality and availability, eliminating the need to source large batches of reclaimed tiles that can be expensive and time-consuming to source and install.

Lifestiles Reclamation Mix is conveniently packed in pre-blended crates, streamlining the installation process for roofing contractors. This considerate packaging ensures that individual colours do not need to be blended during installation. Lifestiles recommends mixing tiles from 3 different pallets, to avoid any slight colour variations.

The successful integration of the Reclamation Mix tiles into Barkway Church’s restoration project achieved remarkable results. White Roofing did an excellent job of installing the tiles, ensuring they seamlessly matched the existing roof tiles, preserving the church’s authentic looks while meeting modern quality standards.

The Barkway Church restoration stands as a testament to Lifetile’s commitment to delivering the best quality products that are right for the job. Lifetiles contribution goes beyond just replacing roof tiles; it becomes a part of preserving a valuable historical and cultural landmark, ensuring its continued existence for future generations.

Lifestiles Operations Director, Chris Ruggles comments: “We love to help our customers get the right roof tiles for their project – there is nothing more important than the roof over our heads and we always strive to ensure we are supplying the right ones for the job which is especially important for heritage and listed properties like Barkway Church. Our team come with a wealth of knowledge and experience which we are always happy to share!” Lifestiles have over 50 years’ of experience and have supplied roof tiles for many of Britain’s most prestigious buildings including Universities, English Heritage properties, royal residences, historic private houses and many listed buildings. Each of their tiles is handmade, produced, and tested to last a lifetime and invariably much longer.

For more information, Call: +44 (0) 1787 237057, Email: sales@lifestiles.co.uk, or visit: www.lifestiles.co.uk

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