Meet the team: Samantha Bell

We are incredibly proud of the team we have built over the years – they are talented, hardworking and dedicated and we would like to introduce you to them!

Meet Samantha Bell, our National Sales Manager to find out what she likes doing in her spare time and what she enjoys about working at Lifestiles.


1. What do you enjoy about the work you do? 

Lots of answers to this one but I would have to say the main answer would be our amazing team. We truly are like a little family at Lifestiles championing each other through work and personal life. 


2. What is something that you would like to fix in the industry / work?

More women in the industry, this does seem to be improving and I hope it will continue. 


3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

A busy life out of work with 2 young children and a naughty beagle. Spending time with my family making memories is my favourite thing to do. 


4. What is your proudest moment?

Above everything becoming a mother. 


5. Describe your ideal day?

A day off with my husband relaxing! 


6. What 3 qualities would you look for in a dog?

Being an owner of a dog ideally it would be recall, friendly & one that doesn’t steal food.. my dog can only tick one of these off! 


7. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

Work hard and you will be rewarded & always be yourself! 


8. What was the last film you watched? 

Moana for the 100th time! 

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