6 reasons to invest in a new roof

A new roof is big investment. But an investment worth making (in our opinion). Not only does it make your home stand out, it provides security in our ever-changing world. Here are six reasons why we think you should upgrade your roof, and how to do it. 

For energy efficiency and better insulation 

It’s top of mind across the country – our energy bills. One way to combat the ever-growing price of energy is to invest in a new roof for better insulation to improve energy efficiency. You’ll see the improvement across your property with it able to keep the heat in during the winter, and heat out during the summer. 

Even replacing a few broken tiles can make a huge difference and it’s a bit more budget friendly.  

To improve curb appeal 

Ever had house envy? Oftentimes it’s to do with the roof. It’s a simple change that’s hugely effective in making your home stand out from the rest of the street. When you’re next walking around your neighbourhood look at the roofs. You’ll start to see what we mean.  

To increase the value of your property 

Heightened curb appeal + energy efficiency = a more valuable property. We’re not property experts, but with those two factors being crucial in some people’s property searches, we’d say those factors could increase the value of your property. That means your investment in a new roof could help you in your future property search.   

For a renewed guarantee and peace of mind 

With anything, when the guarantee is up things start to go wrong. Whether it’s a car, washing machine or roof, our luck seems to run out shortly after the guarantee does. If it’s something you’re concerned about with your roof and you start to see things going wrong, a brand new one could be the solution. Our roof tiles come with a 30 year guarantee so you feel looked after for the years to come.  

To enhance structural integrity  

Aside from how a new roof improves the look of your property and gives you mental security, it also enhances the structural integrity of your home. Whether prone to leaks or are concerned about how global warming is charging more frequent extreme weather, a new roof will protect you from a disaster situation.  

To protect endangered species, like bats 

This probably isn’t something you’ve considered unless you have to. The bat population has declined hugely over the last century and they’re still under threat from building and development work. It affects roosts and contributes to their loss of habitat. If you’re already considering getting a new roof and have bats in your area, we’d encourage you to start the project and install bat safe tiles to help your local wildlife.  

How do you get started? 

Concluded that you’re in need of a new roof? Get in touch with our team. We’ve got over 50 years of experience combined and lots of advice to give. And expertly handmade / handcrafted roof tiles.  

If you’re still unsure, take a look at some of our customer projects – you’ll see what we mean. 

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