Brook House, Natural Slate Spanish Showcase

Project Details

Type  /  Re Roof
Product  /  Natural Slate Spanish
Location  /  Brook House, England

Project Summary

The re-roof and renovation of this beautiful mansion house and out buildings was completed back in 2012. Richard of Millgate roofing in conjunction with GVN Ltd specified Lifestiles Spanish slates on this character mansion set in the Surrey hill side.

This magnificent building is only matched by the grounds of 101 acres with the house set high above the land, lording over the area with great status not unlike a castle over its lands.

The first quality slate was chosen because of the colour, other darker slates and standard where not quite to the owners liking. The lighter grey slate from the heart of the Spanish quarry region eventually was hand-picked as the perfect slate for the project ahead. Over 10k Chilborn slates in the standard size 500x250mm, lead roll and clay ridges finished the house and buildings, which still stand proud over the neighbouring land.