Oxford, Handmade Wiltshire Showcase

Project Details

Type  /  New Build
Product  /  Handmade Wiltshire
Location  /  Oxford, England

Project Summary

Following on from the success of the Berkshire tile our next new offering was the Wiltshire Tile. Again we have not reinvented the wheel/roof tile and the regulations on tile size and shapes has not changed since King Edward standardised them back in 1477, but trends do change and the Wiltshire is our way of changing with them.

The attached project consists of 60k Wiltshire roof tiles spread over 4 separate buildings and at the design stage had to architecturally blend with stone, slate black and natural oak cladding along with the existing brick from the main house.

The full finished photos will be unloaded soon, but we feel the barns and tile detail finish off this development beautifully and the external materials really do blend together leaving a project for all to be proud of.