Pantiles Restoration

The Ashvale restoration clay pantile has a dusting pigment applied to the tile when the formed tile is in its "green" state, before drying and firing. This dusting effect is hand applied and this means that no two tiles are the same in colour.

This weathered appearance is very popular when trying to produce an aesthetic look that is not brand new. Due to the fact we apply the dust before the kilns introduction means the weathered look is fired into the tiles surface. Like the Red and Glazed pantiles the appearance is created by man power but still retains all the advantages associated with the machine made counterparts, essential for the roofing market and our inclement UK weather.

The Ashvale clay pantile offers individuality in appearance created by hand finishing whilst retaining the economic and quality advantages associated with machine made pantiles, essential for today’s market and the UK climate. Its timeless nature and lasting quality mean the Ashvale clay pantiles are an ideal solution for new build, renovation or restoration projects and our variety of carefully selected blends makes it the perfect choice of roofing to suit your vernacular.

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Pantiles Restoration

Our Norfolk pantile is exactly what is says, our version of the tradition tile used for years up and down the east coast of England, with a large number of building collected in Norfolk and Suffolk.