Handmade Orange

A rich orange colour likened to Sussex Wealden clay, the Orange tiles are more commonly used as hanging tiles or to mix in with our other hand made colours to suit specific project requirements.

At Lifestiles we only want you to have the roof you require. This means that you can mix and match your favourite tiles together, to suit your personal taste. The second feature here shows the Orange, Red and Heather handmade tiles pre-mixed together, forming a bespoke mix, this is labelled Chichester. So if you like the concept of mixing tile colours together and have a specific idea please simply contact one of my team and we can make your own bespoke roof, all of which will be pre-mixed at the factory especially for you.

The Lifestiles handmade clay roof tile is one of the few genuinely handmade clay roof tiles available on the market today. The Lifestiles handmade tile is also known as The Ashbury®, in some areas of the country. The beautiful clay tile offers individuality in appearance and a blend that recreates the look of yesteryear. Its timeless nature and lasting quality means the Lifestiles handmade clay roof tiles are an ideal solution for new build, renovation or restoration projects and our variety of carefully selected blends makes it the perfect choice.

Their manufacture is traditional with each tile being produced by hand. The handmade tile cannot be produced by machinery - the distinctive shades and slight variations of size, camber and texture give the unique appearance so sought after in these days of mass production.

All the handmade roof tiles are produced in a custom built production facility in Poland, which combines traditional manufacturing skills and firing techniques essential to keep the character of a handmade clay tile, with modern drying facilities and temperature control systems vital to maintain the quality necessary for the UK climate. The tiles are tested in our on-site laboratory throughout their production ensuring they meet the rigorous standards required to meet the relevant British and new European standards. The whole procedure is under the EU guidelines and the product is CE marked and has Declaration of performance certification (a requirement of all the leading roofing and building merchants), and factory guarantee for 30 years. All of this information and associated certification is available in the technical area of this website.

Project Showcase

A small selection of projects we have been involved with...

Sulhampstead Abbots

Handmade Orange

In the sleepy hamlet village of Sulhampstead is a piece of architecture dating back to approximately 1189, the parish church has stood with field views far and wide.


Handmade Orange / Bespoke Mix