Handcrafted Tilehurst

A beautiful hand-crafted tile that is a premixed product with a subtle variation of colours from orange through to red, brown and up to the dark tile.

This mix gives a weathered appearance but still allows the roof to look vibrant and striking. After natural weathering the Tilehurst will lose some of the vibrance but will maintain the variation as it matures.

The Ashvale clay roof tile is one of the few hand-crafted tiles available on the market today that still involves hand forming and is not entirely manufactured on a machine. The Ashvale offers individuality in appearance and with the various colours and mixes a beauty over your roof scope. Its timeless nature and lasting quality mean the Ashvale clay roof tiles are an ideal solution for any roofing project.

Our team of experts is on hand to offer you advice and provide any information you may require. We can give detailed technical guidance and/or general roofing advice over the telephone, by email or during a site visit to suit you individual needs. Designed and produced to give the appearance of an old weathered tile, the Ashvale range look equally at home on renovation or new build projects.

The Ashvale® roof tiles are produced in Sri Lanka in a modern facility. (The factory is ISO 9001:2008 certificated). The tiles are manufactured by mechanically extruding the wet clay into a ribbon and then forming the tile by hand. Then during humidity controlled drying a varying cross camber is created in the tile which recreates the texture and imprecision found only on roofs of a bygone era by ensuring no two tiles can be the same shape. They are then fired in modern gas tunnel kilns and packaged in wooden crates ready for shipment.

The fittings are formed entirely by hand and then dried and fired in the same manner as the tiles.

The tiles are tested in our on-site laboratory throughout their production ensuring they meet the rigorous standards required to meet the relevant British and European Standards. They are then independently tested in the UK (see our technical page for test reports and guarantees) thus meeting all the CE and European standards.

Project Showcase

A small selection of projects we have been involved with...


Handcrafted Tilehurst

These two new dwellings in the picturesque village of Clavering, overlooking the river Stort, have been beautifully designed in both look and layout in order to enjoy the wonderful views over the unspoilt countryside.


Handcrafted Tilehurst

When Darren and Joy were designing their new family home in the beautiful Essex village of Great Bardfield, Lifestiles Tilehurst handcrafted was the preferred choice.